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polyethylene glycol 6000

Commodity name: polyethylene glycol 6000
Chemical structure: HO(CH2CH2O)NH
CAS NO.: 25322-68-3
Property and use:Used as lubricant、binder、wrapper of pill and tablet
Quality standard: CHP2015、USP、EP
Technical Parameters(CHP2015)
Appearance: White Flake or Powder 
Average molecular weigh: 5400-7800
pH volue (5%):4.0-7.0 
Water content(%)≤1.0 
Residue on ignition(%)≤0.1
Heavy metails(ppm) ≤5
Arsenic salt(%)≤0.0003
Packing: 25kg/bag or carton
Storage: keep in cool and dry place

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